I was born in 1979. I live in Czestochowa. With great pleasure I have been photographing since 1999. I trained my photographer’s eye while I was studying at Jan Dlugosz Academy in Czestochowa. I developed the photojournalist’s practice while working with Gazeta Wyborcza. My photos appeared in newspapers and magazines as Przekroj, Teraz Rock, Free Colours, Tygodnik Niedziela and Film, Art & Tourism. My photos were also published in Zycie Czestochowskie, Tygodnik 7 Dni (weekly newspaper), Aleje 3, CGK, Jasne,ze Czestochowa (monthly periodical) and in the city’s promotional publications and on the city’s websites. I participate in exhibitions in the country and all over the world. I share my knowledge and experience with students and the participants of photography workshops. I am also a graphic designer. In my spare time I cycle on the bicycles I fix myself.

Adam Markowski
Czestochowa | Poland | Europe
e-mail: admarkowski@gmail.com
phone: +48 501 441 882

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